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Beatrice Duran was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Duran and received her GED from a Colorado High School before moving to Las Vegas. She is the mother of two children and grandmother to four, and in her free time enjoys spending time with family, as well as organizing and attending union events.


Duran has been working in Nevada’s service industry since 1985 when she started work at the Four Queens as a server. After helping to unionize her workplace, she joined the staff of the Culinary Union Local 226 in 1999. For the last 10 years, she has worked as a grievance specialist, representing union members in workplace disputes. She works to help Culinary workers when they have disputes from injuries or unfair labor practices.


She enjoys traveling, hanging out with family, camping, fishing, and bowling. She also enjoys cooking Mexican food called “New Mexico” style that’s from Colorado and New Mexico. Furthermore, Beatrice loves to travel and has traveled to South America. She would like to travel throughout the entire United States someday.

Bea is an energetic, outgoing, friendly, easy-going, and empathetic person. She hopes to help those who have been unjustly persecuted or unfairly taken advantage of. She is willing to fight for the “little” guy. That is why she is here, as well as why she does what she does. Bea looks forward to doing her part to advance causes that she feels strongly about.