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Assembly District 28

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Chair Assembly Government Affairs

Assembly Education

Assembly Commerce and Labor

My family’s story echoes in similarity all across Nevada, but especially in Assembly District 28. Before I was born my parents, tired of feeling lost and trapped, packed as many memories as they could carry on their backs and started a new life in the United States. They arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada with no money and without knowing a single word of English. Today my parents’ hands have tattooed blisters that tell a story of sacrifice and hard work. In attempt to repay them for everything they have done for me. I made my way through the Clark County education system, obtained my bachelor’s degree in English from UNLV, and afterwards my Juris Doctorate degree from William S. Boyd School of Law. Education was my salvation and today it lays the foundation for my future. The struggles presented to my family as I was growing up, today provide me a unique lens that will never allow for me to forget how much there is to fight for. I was born and raised in this beautiful state and I am ready to work tirelessly for it.

Over the past 10 years I have been given the privilege of running and working with numerous youth programs helping students from underprivileged communities prepare for college, realize there is a place for them in the white-collar world, and ultimately gain the confidence to realize with hard work they can do anything. Mentorship is pivotal to success.


Most importantly I embark on this journey because my mother’s old maid uniform deserves a voice. My father who has worked 12 hours a day every day since the day I was born deserves a voice. Our students whose dreams are being crumbled by our failing education system deserve a voice. Furthermore, hard working parents who with sweat and tears do all they can to provide for their children deserve a voice. We cannot change everything at once for that reason my motto is simple we need to “change a little…change often.” This is the pathway to success.

Change a little… change often.