Nevada Latinos

COVID-19 Task Force

“Our community is powerful, resourceful and resilient. We will make sure our community is well informed about COVID-19 and the changing landscape.  I have asked Assemblywoman Torres to lead these efforts and I have full confidence that we’ve assembled the right team for the job. We are transforming our website to a resource center to provide information regarding education, food pantry, essential businesses, and more.” 

Edgar Flores, Chair of the Nevada Hispanic Legislative Caucus

“We must act now. Families are losing their jobs and need reassurance. We will pull through together. Immigrant and migrant communities are looking for guidance. I look forward to working for the people of the state of Nevada.”


-Selena Torres, Assemblywoman. 

This COVID-19 Task Force will provide expert analysis and recommendations so that we can better inform our community. The NHLC COVID-19 Task Force is made up of the following members:


Chair Selena Torres,    Assembly District 3 

Vice-Chair Cecia Alvarado,    Mi Familia Vota

Mayor Daniel Corona,    West Wendover 

Dr. Partida Corona,    Partida Corona Medical Center

Guy Girardin,    Puentes Las Vegas 

Raquel Cruz-Juarez,    Planned Parenthood 

Erika Castro,    Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada  

Sylvia Lazos,    UNLV Boyd School Law 

Frank Perez,    Community Health Alliance 

Dawrin Mota,    Veteran

Mayra Salinas Mejivar,    Attorne

Cynthia Esparza,    City of Reno

Abraham Camejo,    Camejo Safety 

Ivet Aldaba,    Social Work 

Committee Staff:

Gil\T Lopez    Manager/Communications

Alex Diaz    Assistant Manager

Paloma Guerrero    Legal Analyst

Nevada Latinos Education Subcommittee

“Sylvia Lazos and subcommittee will work hard to create community partnerships to eliminate inequities in access to the internet. Public education, the State of Nevada, and the Federal Nevada Delegation must collaborate to eliminate the digital divide. The committee is committed to addressing educational inequities amid the pandemic. Every child should have access to quality education”

-  Edgar Flores, Chair of the Nevada Hispanic Legislative Caucus 


“The Digital Divide In Nevada is vast because we have so many families living in poverty who cannot afford WiFi at home or computers.  It has been hidden from the public view because schools have been managing as best they can with limited resources. In this time of school closure, it is important that we address and solve the Digital Divide because our children cannot afford to not be learning to the full extent of their potential.”


- Professor Sylvia Lazos, Boyd School of Law. 


Chair Sylvia Lazos, Boyd School of Law

Vice-Chair Dr. Nancy Brune, Kenny Guinn Center

Dr. Magda Martinez,  Lincy Institute

Dr. Julie Lucero,   Latino Research at UNR

Danielle Ford,   Clark County School District Trustee

Michael Flores,   Nevada System of Higher Education

Rene Cantu,  Jobs for Americas Graduates 

Committee Staff:

Gil\T Lopez    Manager/Communications

Silvina Jover     Education Policy Analyst

Nevada Latinos
Northern Nevada Subcommittee

“Frank Perez and the subcommittee will work diligently to create community partnerships and establish methods of communications to address and respond to the needs of northern and rural communities. Having graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno, I can attest to the similarities and differences Northern and Southern Nevada have.”

Selena Torres, Chair of the NHLC COVID-19 Task Force,


“I am confident the group will build a network to further connect and distribute valuable information to our Northern Nevada community, as Nevadans we are in this together”


Assemblywoman Benitez-Thompson.  


Chair Frank Perez,   Community Health Alliance 

Vice-Chair Cory   Hernandez, Washoe County School District

Oscar Delgado,   Community Health Alliance/ Reno Councilman

Dr. Julie Lucero UNR   Latino Research Center 

Melinda Mendoza,   Renown Health

Ivet Contreras,   IC Media Strategy

Cynthia Esparza,   City of Reno

Cecilia Alonso,   Nevada Human Development Corporation

Committee Staff:

Gil\T Lopez    Manager/Communications

Marie C Recinos-Lopez    Northern Nevada Policy Analyst

Nevada Latinos
Medical Services  Subcommittee

“I want to commend Assemblywoman Torres for leading this important subcommittee. They have been working hard and have established our successful Grocery Delivery Initiative.  To date, we have delivered 150 grocery carts to COVID-19 positive members of our community.”


Edgar Flores, Chair of the NHLC


“I am glad we assembled a great team. We have different expertise and knowledge on the subcommittee. We will take a closer look at how COVID-19 continues to impact the Latino community in the state of Nevada, ”


- Chair Assemblywoman Torres


Chair Selena Torres,    Assemblywoman

Vice-Chair Guy Girardin,    Puentes Las Vegas

Ivet Aldaba,    Social Worker

Frank Perez,    Community Health Alliance

Dr. Partida Corona,     Partida Corona Medical Center

Dr. Laura Culley    UNLV School of Medicine 

Erica Mosca    Leaders in Training

Janet Quintero,    United Way Southern Nevada

Cecia Alvarado,     Mi Familia Vota 

Committee Staff:

Gil\T Lopez    Manager/Communications

Arturo Montes      Medical Student

Nevada Latinos
Communications  Subcommittee

“I am confident in Cynthia Esparza and her commitment to keeping the community informed. We have a team that has different strengths to ensure we get critical information to our community.” 


“I am thrilled we have such a talented and bilingual team. Our goal is to establish channels of communication across our state, ensuring information during this pandemic is accessible and tailored to our community. Now more than ever it is critical to have information readily available in English and Spanish, and we are here to help fill that void,”


- Subcommittee Chair Cynthia Esparza.    


Chair Cynthia Esparza     City of Reno

Vice-Chair Aarron Ibarra     Community Organizer

Ivet Contreras     IC Media Strategies

Raquel Cruz-Juarez      Planned Parenthood

Nicola Opfer    Nevada State College

Viri Vidal

Eli Magaña

Committee Staff:

Gil\T Lopez    Manager/Communications

J. Diego Zarazua     Media Analyst

Nevada Latinos

“Mayra Salinas has respect and admiration from the legal community especially in the realm of immigration.  As the first University Legal Services Fellow at the UNLV Immigration Clinic in 2018-2019, Mayra Salinas dealt with many issues that went beyond immigration law but which impacted the everyday lives of immigrants and students in mixed-status families.  She has experience identifying issues facing the immigrant community and developing solutions by working with other community leaders and partners.” 


 - Edgar Flores, Chair of the NHLC


“We have a wide cross-section of the immigration community coming together. When it comes to immigration we have many moving parts and I am thrilled we have such a talented team to keep track of what is happening and changes. Our goal is to find out the needs of the immigrant community when it comes to COVID-19 and increase access to resources. ”


 -Subcommittee Chair Mayra Salinas.  


Chair Mayra Salinas       Attorney

Vice-Chair Antonio Marquez Rivera    Media

Erika Castro      PLAN

Paloma Guerrero     UNLV Immigration Clinic

LaLo Montoya      Make the Road Nevada

Claudia Castañeda     Community Leader

Mariana Sarimento     UNLV Diversity

Melissa Corral      Legal Aid Center

Jahahi Mazariego      UNR

Daysi Rodriguez     Tu Casa Latina

Maria Nieto      Mi Familia Vota

Committee Staff:

Gil\T Lopez    Manager/Communications

Elisa Martinez Alvarado       Immigration Analyst


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